Australian worker wins compensation after alarm scare causes strained neck

Australian worker wins compensation after alarm scare causes strained neck

Michael Hooker a Perth worker has gone ahead to sue his employer for the faulty alarm which caused his neck to be injured for approximately $2 million damages caused. Michael Hooker was an employee in computer draftsman in the Applied Pumps in Welshpool when he got a neck injury in the March 2012.

A device which is same as the above home gas sensor shocked Mr. Hooker it activated itself in his office. As per district court of western in Australia data, Mr. Hooker was just sitting in open office at around 2 pm when other employee turned on defective own gas sensor. which activated a piercing and loud screeching alarm which shocked Mr. Hooker.

The 42-year-old employee reacted by turning on his left to establish the cause of the noise, which made his knees to hit a desk and this caused great pain to his shoulders and neck.

On seeing this the other employees went ahead to switch off the alarm saying that it was a just a joke when Mr. Hooker and other employees shouted at him demanding that they turn off the alarm. This situation caused him to get a soft tissue injury which eventually got worse with time and it was later discovered to be C4/5-disc bulge which now sought for surgery medical attention to insert an artificial disk. Mr. Hooker who is currently a father of three children claimed that the injury has made him be permanently unfit and disabled to carry out any job because of the big pain which he went through and also psychological torture he is going through.

He decided to contact personal injury solicitors to sue his employer for loss of future and past income and also damages which caused his quality of wife to diminish. His employer Allied Pumps rebutted the claim saying that his employer Rhorer had overestimated the applicable compensation plan since it was enormous indicating that his existing depression and spinal injuries which had worsened his situation.

Rhorer was demanding a compensation of $2.5 million. Earlier this month judge Philip McCann ruled that the employer had breached to take care of his employee safety as a result of having an alarm inside office environment which caused Mr. Hooker injuries.

The court discovered that Rhorer led a busy life before being a victim of this injuries and this was further showed when he arrived at court premises showing difficulties when driving and walking slowly in pain and stiffly. Judge Philip McCann ruled that Allied pump to pay Mr. Hooker $1.9 million for damages, $262,000 for previous medical expenses, $1 million for future earnings and 135,00 for general damages.